The Many Uses of Dental Crowns

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Do you know the many uses of dental crowns? Dental crowns are used to repair cavities, protect teeth, and complete other dental restorations. Many people require the use of a dental crown in order to restore their oral health.

Our dentist, Dr. Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC in Tucson, Arizona, uses dental crowns depending on your unique situation and needs. To help you learn more about the many uses of dental crowns, our team has provided you this list of information:

-Dental crowns can support weak or broken teeth and even teeth that have completely shattered into pieces.

-Dental crowns can hold fillings and teeth together in situations where it is necessary.

-If you have a restoration in place of a missing or lost tooth such as a dental implant or dental bridge, a dental crown can be placed over the top of it to protect it.

-Do you have a root canal in place on a damaged tooth? Did you know a dental crown can cover it? It’s true!

-For children who are susceptible to cavities, dental crowns are safe treatments that can add further protection.

-A single dental crown can last several decades when placed properly.

With the wonders of dental crowns and their many uses, you can have your teeth protected and your smile restored. If you have questions about your oral health or are in need of a smile restoration, please call us today at 520-298-5556 to make an appointment. Our team at the practice of Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC is happy to help restore your smile.