Christmas Smile Tips

If you want a top-notch smile this Christmas, then there are things you can do to care for your teeth and gums. Our dentist, Dr. Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC, would like to help you because he believes you deserve the best smile possible. So, he is happy to give you the tips you need to keep your teeth and... read more »

Dental Crowns Can Conceal Oral Accidents

Have you suffered an oral accident recently? Are any of your teeth badly damaged? If so, it may be wise to consider dental crowns to prevent further damage to your teeth and give you a healthy-looking smile that you can be proud of. Dental crowns are not replacements for damaged teeth, but rather fixes to conceal and protect them. Here... read more »

What Might Be Causing Your Gums to Bleed

At the dental practice of Christopher M. Granillo DDS, LLC, we want our patients in Tucson, Arizona, to know taking good care of your oral health will benefit not just your precious pearly whites, but your gum health as well. In fact, did you know your gums are an indicator of your overall health? The main cause of bleeding gums... read more »