Refill Your Beautiful Smile With Removable Dentures

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If you have suffered the loss of several teeth as a result of gum disease or tooth decay, you may be struggling with an impaired ability to speak and chew. Even if some of your natural teeth survived in your mouth, they may have been weakened and could contribute to tooth loss in the future. In cases such as this, our dentist may recommend that you replace your natural teeth with removable dentures to regain your dental function.

Custom-made dentures can effectively restore your smile to full function, improve your quality of life, and even enhance the appearance of your teeth. Following the extraction of any remaining compromised teeth, we can create a detailed impression of your oral structure, including that of your gums, so that a dental lab can use it as a guide to custom craft the dentures.

When you receive dentures from Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC, you can be confident that they are custom fitted to your mouth’s unique shape. However, you may still want to consider wearing denture adhesive to provide an even more secure hold since the adhesive can provide lingering food particles from building in the space between your gums and the denture base.

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