Provide Your Smile Extra Support With Dental Damage Prevention and Repairs

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Have you ever suffered from dental damage before? Dental damage is a common oral health condition that arises when your teeth and gums are injured or harmed due to oral accidents or injuries. Most commonly, dental damage is the result of poor lifestyle choices or risk factors that have not received the adequate protection to keep your smile safe. Here are some examples:

– If you are involved in any high-risk activities such as sports, it is important to always wear the necessary safety equipment. This can include helmets, face guards, or mouth guards. Any type of oral appliances that can be used to help protect your smile should be implemented when needed. Even a single blow to the face due to blunt trauma or accidents can destroy your smile in seconds. Wear safety equipment whenever possible.
– Mouth jewelry is often seen as a fashionable accessory, but it can often lead to severe damage to your teeth and gums. Nerve damage, cracked teeth, oral inflammation, gum lacerations, choking, and even infectious diseases are all common risk factors with the use of mouth jewelry such as lip and tongue rings.
– If you’re using any unhealthy products such as tobacco or drugs, it is important to eliminate these substances from your life immediately. Smoking or chewing tobacco as well as using drugs are all known to cause severe dental damage in several different ways. Not only can they immediately stain your teeth and cause bad breath, but they can ultimately lead to tooth loss and cancer.

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