Tips for Treating Tooth Sensitivity

Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity? If so, our dentist, Dr. Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC, is more than happy to help you find the comfort you deserve. Sensitivity can be quite irritating and inconvenient, especially because it makes eating and drinking hot and cold products pretty painful. So, to help you treat your sensitivity, he has some tips. Those... read more »

The Basics of Brushing

You have been brushing your teeth since you were a kid. Well, hopefully you have. Chances are that you have been doing it for so long that at this point, it’s a no-brainer, and you don’t even have to think about it anymore. The truth is, when you brush your teeth, you do need to think about it. It may... read more »

Christmas Smile Tips

If you want a top-notch smile this Christmas, then there are things you can do to care for your teeth and gums. Our dentist, Dr. Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC, would like to help you because he believes you deserve the best smile possible. So, he is happy to give you the tips you need to keep your teeth and... read more »

Essential Dental Tips on Dental Floss

  In order to keep your teeth safe, it is essential to make sure you're practicing effective oral health care and hygiene treatments on a daily basis. This includes brushing and flossing your teeth daily. It is highly recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss between your teeth every day as well. One treatment cannot work... read more »

Refill Your Beautiful Smile With Removable Dentures

If you have suffered the loss of several teeth as a result of gum disease or tooth decay, you may be struggling with an impaired ability to speak and chew. Even if some of your natural teeth survived in your mouth, they may have been weakened and could contribute to tooth loss in the future. In cases such as this,... read more »

Yearly Oral Health Reminders: Mouth Guards

Are you in need of a mouth guard? The truth is, very little people often think about the need of a mouth guard, as there are for prevention and protection rather than for restorations and repair. Typically, as humans, we only seek treatments after a disaster has already arisen. However, mouth guards are extremely important, as they can protect your... read more »

Sugar, Acid, and Your Teeth

Trick or treat time is here, and with it comes a plethora of sweet treats. You’ve probably heard that sugar is bad for your teeth, so you shouldn’t eat a lot of it. But do you know why? You should limit sugar for oral health. In order to understand why, it is important to understand what sugar does to your... read more »

Essentials of Mouthwash

  Mouthwash is a good tool in any dental-health enthusiast’s tool chest. It can help you keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh, and it’s really not that difficult to use. Mouthwash’s advantage is its removal of plaque and food remnants from your oral cavity. The liquid substances that make up mouthwash have antibacterial compounds that clean your oral... read more »

The Treatment Options that Can Help with Gum Disease

If you have gum disease, there are many ways it can be treated. Typically, the earlier stages of the disease can be treated with non-surgical treatments while the later stages can be treated with surgical treatments. To tell you a little more about these procedures, our dentist, Dr. Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC, would like to give you some details.... read more »