How to Prevent Toothaches

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Would you be surprised to learn that you should schedule an appointment with our team if you’re suffering from regular, painful toothaches? While visiting our team may not be a priority for you, did you know that toothaches could be caused by several different issues—and that these issues tend to become even more serious if they aren’t treated quickly.

In reality, your painful toothache could be caused by an oral infection. To make matters worse, your toothache may actually be caused by infections such as gum disease. While this may not seem like a huge problem to you, had you heard that oral gum disease is actually much more common than you might expect? You may also be suffering from an infection in the center of your tooth’s root, which usually causes an extremely painful toothache. If you’re dealing with this issue, you could need root canal therapy to deal with the issue.

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, could also be the culprit of your toothache. While grinding your teeth may seem like a small problem, there are other issues you may have to cope with. In fact, did you know that many people actually grind their pearly whites when they sleep? If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, make strange sounds when you sleep or have a sore jaw when you wake up, you might be grinding your teeth. Unfortunately, aside from headaches, teeth grinding can lead to other serious dental and medical problems.

Naturally, there are a number of things you can try to temporarily deal with your painful toothaches. For example, you could use over-the-counter painkillers. However, please be aware that these only offer only a temporary solution. If you’re dealing with a frequent toothache, we recommend setting up an appointment with us so we can help you permanently treat your headache.

If you would like to hear more about potential causes of a toothache in Tucson, Arizona, please feel free to give our dental office a call at 520-298-5556. Our dentist, Dr. Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC, and our team will gladly address any concerns you may have. We’re eager to hear from you soon!