Essential Dental Tips on Dental Floss

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In order to keep your teeth safe, it is essential to make sure you’re practicing effective oral health care and hygiene treatments on a daily basis. This includes brushing and flossing your teeth daily. It is highly recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day and floss between your teeth every day as well. One treatment cannot work without the other, and just as brushing is extremely effective for cleaning the surfaces of teeth, dental floss is extremely effective for cleaning between teeth.

Cleaning between teeth with dental floss is extremely important for your oral health care. This is because products such as brushes and mouthwash cannot easily clean between teeth and reach areas that are filled with plaque and food debris. However interdental cleaners such as dental floss or water flossers are designed for this exact task. Always make sure you’re flossing for at least 2 minutes every day and making sure to clean between every single tooth and behind the back row. For product recommendations and suggestions, either speak with your dentist or look at product packaging to see if the ADA Seal of Acceptance is present. The seal is awarded to products that reach the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Always use a strand that is roughly 18 “ in length. Be sure that your thread is shred-resistant, so it will not tear upon use. To avoid recontamination, never use the same section of the strand more than once. In addition, never use the strand for more than one flossing session. Wrap the strand around a finger on each hand and gently move between each tooth, ensuring that you can clean between teeth on all sides of a tooth and do so without causing bleeding or abrasion.

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