Dental Bridges and Their Positive Effect on Your Oral Health

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Although dentures attract most of the attention when it comes to tooth replacements, dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures are extremely effective for replacing teeth. Dental bridges work by anchoring themselves onto neighboring teeth in your mouth for a durable hold that can last many years. Effective benefits of dental bridges include the following:

– Dental bridges can improve your oral health care and remove issues that arise from missing or lost teeth including plaque buildup that can arise within the missing gap.
– Dental bridges are extremely effective options for a permanent prosthetic if your jaw bone is not strong enough to hold a treatment such as dental implants.
– Dental bridges can restore your smile and fill out your facial structure.
– Dental bridges are highly effective for bite stability, space maintenance, dental splinting, and improved aesthetics.
– Dental bridges can restore lost functions including restoring impaired speech and eating skills that may have been hindered due to tooth loss.
– A single dental bridge can potentially last a lifetime of use.

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