A Tooth’s Location and Appearance in Your Smile Will Determine a Crown’s Material

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A dental crown in Tucson, Arizona, is a hollow replica of a single tooth’s enamel layer. It can be used to restore a tooth that is suffering from one of many issues. It will be anchored in your mouth by an abutment formed by the dentin, pulp and healthy root of the tooth. The tooth’s primary function and location will determine the material that your dentist, Dr. Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC, recommends for the crown.

Gold alloy and base metal crowns are known for being very durable. This makes them a good choice for molars and some premolars that are typically used to chew and grind tough foods.

If a tooth needs cosmetic restoration, Dr. Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC will usually recommend a porcelain or porcelain-fused-to-metal crown to restore its appearance. The porcelain material can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth, making it appear as if it was one of your natural teeth.

This type of crown might also be called for to help augment a dental veneer application because one of the teeth in your smile lacks sufficient enamel to anchor a veneer.

Porcelain crowns are also not as receptive to staining as natural tooth enamel. This will make it much easier to maintain the tooth’s bright, white appearance for a long time to come.

If you have a damaged, decayed tooth or one that’s in need of cosmetic restoration, you should call Christopher M. Granillo, DDS, LLC at 520-298-5556 to ask about restoration with a crown.